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In Acts 10:38, it was written of our Lord Jesus Christ,

“How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him.”

He is still doing the same things today through His anointed servant Rev.(Dr.) Francis Bazuaye. God has used him to deliver many people from the bondage of darkness via his prayers, articles and his uncommon spiritual solution books. A few testimonies are given below to stir up your faith to believe God for your own miracles today.

1. I want to bless God for your life man of God, I have been battling nightmares for years and also experiencing ghosts’ movement in my apartment, putting on light and switching it off, same thing with the TV, shadow movement etc. After you helped me raise the divine spiritual altar it all stopped. Glory to Jesus (South African Lady)

 2. Dear apostle, thanks so much for your help. Flies have been disturbing me in my shop but would not disturb my neighbours. It was really affecting my sales. You told me to read a particular Psalm into water mixed with salt and sprinkle it in my shop. It ended the invasion of flies and sales picked up again. Thanks be to God. (A Nigerian Woman).

3. Thanks you so much apostle. I bless the name of the Lord for your life and for using you to deliver me from the many years of affliction from incubus demons. I was molested sexually every night by an unseen force. It’s was so bad that I will see semen on my body after the trauma. But after the prophetic directions and prayers, I am fully liberated. I have been to so many places for deliverance but nothing happened. I am so happy for my new found freedom in Christ. Hallelujah! (A lady from Kenya).

4.  Dearest apostle, thanks so much for your help. I was diagnosed with cancer of the colon. After your prophetic direction and prayers, I went back for test and there was no trace of it again. Glory to Jesus. (A South African lady)

5. Thanks so much pastor. I give God the glory for using you to set me free. For two years after I lost my husband I couldn’t sleep at night without massive attacks. I have gone for many deliverances and prayers but no solution. I had done 21 days fasting twice feeding on just vegetables but no solution. After reading your articles online and connecting with you, you raised the divine spiritual altar for me and that was the end of the night attacks as I started sleeping like a baby. Glory to Jesus. (A woman from USA).

6. I want to thank God for your life apostle. My wife could not conceive after three years. I went to my spiritual father who told me the battle was stronger than me. I should just go home and be praising God. The battles affected my life, my wife and my ministry. I went online to get help and I came across your articles..
I came to you for spiritual help and you travelled to my place to conduct deliverance for myself, my wife and the ministry. To God be the glory, my wife took in and has delivered a bouncing baby boy and my ministry is flourishing now to the glory of God. (A Nigerian Pastor).


My Jesus remains,