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I am Dr. Francis Bazuaye, a servant of the Most High God, called by Jesus and empowered with an apostolic grace and knowledge to help people get their total deliverance from sin and the bondage of darkness. I gave my life to Christ at the age of 17 and I got into Intercessory Warfare Ministry at the age of 19. I have had encounters with Jesus and in one of the occasions, He told me clearly that “You have been chosen to destroy the works of darkness.” I have been involved in spiritual warfare ministry for the past 23 years by the grace of God.

I’m a sound hard teacher of The Word of God, a Marriage Counsellor, a Conference Speaker, a Revivalist, an Intercessor, An Author with 28 ebooks and still counting, a Spiritual Motivator, a Business Man and a Darling Husband and a Father.

I am the Senior Pastor of Revolution Ministries base in Lagos, Nigeria. I am deeply involved in helping born again children of God and those willing to become born again get their total freedom from:

  1. Sin and sinful habits
  2. Curses from ancestors, witchcraft, marine etc.
  3. Satanic and evil covenants
  4. The forces of witchcraft
  5. The forces of the marine kingdom
  6. Ancestral forces
  7. Occult forces
  8. Territorial forces
  9. Succubus, incubus and spiritual spouses
  10. Life’s stagnancy and failure
  11. Spiritual infirmities etc.

I am also into by His grace anointed with an uncommon grace to help Ministers and their ministries overcome:

  1. Witchcraft attacks against them and their ministries.
  2. Marine infiltration in their churches.
  3. Territorial and occult forces waging war against their church growth and their families.
  4. Conduct deliverance ministration to their members who are under satanic afflictions or control.

I further help Ministries:

  1. Train and raise sound spiritual intercessors.
  2. Train and raise sound disciples who will become loyal and committed to their ministries’ visions.
  3. Train, retrain and help their church workers and leaders understand their kingdom assignment in the ministry.
  4. Grow Bible base believers.
  5. Enlighten church workers and leaders on leadership and spiritual warfare reality.
  6. Understand how to use the power of the internet and social media grow their ministries and reach out to the world in order to make more impact with the Gospel.
  7. Lecture and pray for their business or working class members to become financial supporters.

As an Apostolic Warfare Minister, I have a strong passion for helping people know Jesus personally, His majesty and power that can help them overcome sin, self and Satan. Also, to disciple believers, help them discover their God given assignments and launch out after divine commissioning.

I am readily available to anyone in any country who needs God’s help through me. I have been to few countries to handle deliverance cases to God’s glory.

We live in a spiritually sophisticated world. The devil has advanced his strategies to enslave human beings especially believers in Christ in order to frustrate their God given destinies on planet earth. For this reason the Lord has raised me like many others to help set the captives free and enlighten them on the reality of spiritual warfare.

You can reach me through the following mobile numbers

+2348035903550, +2349092862079, +2348094164404

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